How to reset Amazon pin for prime video

Ever wondered what would you do if you forget your Amazon PIN that allows you to access different services of Amazon? There is no need to think of that horrifying situation ever again because Amazon lets you reset that PIN allowing you to watch your favorite video content without any hurdles. The Amazon PIN reset procedure is pretty easy and one can do this so How to reset Amazon pin for prime video by referring to the steps assigned in this write-up. But, first, let us understand the basics that you must understand about the Amazon PIN.

What is Amazon Prime video PIN and how does it work?

Amazon prime video PIN not only lets you access the prime video content but allows you to do a few more things with your subscription-based service. If you have kids in your home and you do not want them to go through obscene content, then you can easily set up parental controls on it. However, to do so, you shall be asked to enter the PIN. If you ever forget this 5-digit PIN, you can go through the Amazon PIN reset process explained below.

Forgot Amazon Lock Screen Password, PIN or pattern? Try this hack

If you have forgotten the lock screen password of your Amazon device including Kindle or Kindle Fire, then you may have to reset your device by this method:

  1. When on the lock screen, swipe left
  2. Enter the incorrect PIN on the same screen
  3. Keep entering the wrong PIN five times
  4. This shall prompt you to reset your device
  5. Follow some prompts to reset your device
  6. You can set a new lock screen password now

That is how easily you can complete the Amazon Kindle PIN reset procedure.

How to reset Amazon fire stick PIN?

  1. You can go to to reset your PIN
  2. Or, go to the screen where you are asked to enter the PIN
  3. When you type the incorrect PIN, you will see the reset code on your screen
  4. From another device, go to the reset page
  5. Sign in to your Amazon account
  6. Enter the code that was shown to you in Step 3
  7. Select “Continue” and follow some quick prompts for Amazon PIN reset
  8. This is how we do Amazon Fore Stick PIN reset

How to reset your Amazon Prime video PIN?

If you want to go through the Amazon PIN reset procedure, you can try changing your PIN instead:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Log in to your Amazon account
  3. Click “Change” next to your PIN
  4. Enter a new 5-digit PIN and click “Save”

Amazon PIN reset not working

If you wish to set up Amazon Prime on TV but you have forgotten the Amazon PIN, then you can reset the PIN and set a new one. However, sometimes, the reset procedure does not seem to help and you have to try resetting the PIN the other way around or try these hacks:

  • Reset your PIN by navigating to
  • Make sure you are logging in with the correct Amazon account
  • For Amazon PIN reset, it is essential that you have the reset code
  • You can wait for some time and try to reset your PIN later on
  • Try resetting the PIN from the Prime Video Settings menu


If you have forgotten your Prime Video PIN and now you wish to reset it, do not worry at all. You can easily find your Amazon Prime Video PIN by logging in with your Amazon Prime sign in credentials. From your account, you just have to go to the “Accounts & Settings” followed by the “Parental Controls” tab. Here, you will see the Amazon PIN. Using the current PIN, you can set a new PIN from your account.


  1. How do I find my 4-digit code on Amazon Fire Stick?

From your Amazon Fire TV, go to the “Settings” menu and choose “Display and Sounds.” Here, find the HDMI CEC Device Control option and turn it off to let the screen display your 4-digit Fire Stick PIN.

  1. How do I find my Amazon PIN number?

If you want, you can find your Amazon PIN directly from your account settings. Just log in to your account, go to the “Accounts & Settings” menu, and find the PIN in the “Parental Control” menu.

  1. How do you remove the PIN from Amazon fire stick?

Go to the menu settings of your Amazon Fire Stick and choose “Settings” from the drop-down. From there, go to the Parental Control and choose the “Clear PIN” option. After clearing the PIN, you have to save the settings.

  1. How to change Amazon PIN?

To change your Amazon PIN, you need to open Prime Video and click on the “Settings” menu. From the “Account Settings” page, go to the “Parental controls” menu, and select the “Change PIN” option. Now, you need to set up a new PIN and save it.

  1. How do I find my 5-digit PIN for Amazon Prime?

You can easily find your 5-digit Amazon Prime PIN directly from your Amazon account. To find your PIN, you simply need to go to the “parental controls” menu and find your PIN from there.

  1. How do I bypass my Amazon fire stick PIN?

There’s no way through which you can bypass your fire stick PIN. However, if you have forgotten your Fire Stick PIN, you just need to go through the Amazon PIN reset procedure. To reset your PIN, log in to your account and change your PIN from the Accounts & Settings menu.

  1. How do I reset my Amazon fire stick without a PIN?

Turn on your Fire Stick and go to the “Settings” menu. Now, go to the “My Fire TV” option and then select “Restore to factory defaults”. Again, you need to click on the “Reset” option and when prompted for the PIN, press the Right Navigation and the Return buttons at least 10 times.