How to install Kodi on Roku

Kodi is the best platform for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. Many people don’t know How to install Kodi on Roku, so it is important to know the detailed procedure for the same. There are several reasons that make Kodi the best application for entertainment, mainly the platform is compatible with any device or OS. You can install Kodi on any version of Roku, the application can be easily installed on Mac, Android, Windows, Xbox, iOS, PS4, or even Roku!

There might be some issues that you may encounter while using Roku. You must know how to fix Roku keeps buffering problems to bring it again in a working state. There are several streaming applications, from Pandora to Netflix, that give you quality streaming of Music, TV Shows, Movies, and much more. The latest version Roku 4 can stream the 4K content directly on your TV. The Roku OS 8 update also provides additional support of antenna-based TV on Roku devices.

Can we Install Kodi on Roku?

Being an open-source media player application software, Kodi needs an Operating System that can run it. It is a Native C/C++-based application that is not supported by Roku and is mainly known for its flexibility and can be installed on any Operating system.

Roku runs on its own Linux operating system, which is known as Roku OS and is based on Linux. Moreover, it is quite difficult to access the root files of Roku. Jailbreak Roku is also not available for Kodi. In simple words, we can say that there is no Kodi for Roku. So, technically, you cannot install Kodi on Roku.

How to use Kodi on Roku?

Though we are unable to install Kodi on Roku we can use the features of Roku to get Kodi on the TV Screen. All we have to do is run Mirror Kodi on Roku. To download Kodi On Roku 4,3,2 or 1, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, go to the Roku Home and then navigate to Settings > System Updates. But before doing so, ensure that you have the latest Roku OS and if it is outdated, then update the software. Roku has recently released Roku OS 9.2 for Roku devices. But this version is available for limited Roku devices.
  • Now, again go to Settings and then click on the Screen Mirroring button. It is the latest feature in Roku that will by default, appear on the ‘Prompt’ option only when the screen mirroring would be available. This option basically asks if you want to allow the screen mirroring or not. If you select ‘Always Allow’ it would directly connect the screen mirroring.
  • After enabling the Screen mirroring on Roku, you can start mirroring from any device you wanted.

How To Download Kodi On Roku 1?

You can wirelessly download Kodi on your Roku device. For that, you have to install a Screen Mirroring app on your Android phone. It is important to install KODI on your Android phone for mirroring the Content. All you have to do is:

  • Initially, you have to enable the Screen Mirroring option on your Roku device. Then press the Home button on the Remote to launch the Settings screen on your Fire TV.
  • Turn on the Screen Mirroring option from the System Menu. Then, visit the Play Store on your Android mobile and download a working Screen Mirroring app as per your device.
  • Also, download the KODI app from the Play Store and install it on your mobile.
  • Launch the installed Screen Mirroring application and connect it to ROKU 1 to enjoy the content streaming on KODI.

How Can I Download Kodi On My Roku 2?

It is very important to know how to connect Roku to Wi-fi Without a Remote, and after that, you can download Kodi on Roku. You can use Windows PC to download the KODI app on Roku 2. Follow the simple process given below when your Windows PC and ROKU 2 are connected to the same Network to install Kodi:

  • First of all, connect the Roku Device and the Roku TV using an HDMI cable.
  • Then, turn on both devices and launch the Settings app of the Fire TV, and click on the System option.
  • Click and activate the Screen Mirroring option.
  • Download KODI from the manufacturer’s website and install it.
  • Open the PC settings on your Windows system and locate the Roku Wireless Network on it.
  • Connect the Roku device to stream KODI on it and open the KODI app on your system to enjoy streaming your favorite videos through your favorite add-ons.


installing Kodi on Roku can be a great way to enhance your streaming experience and access a wider range of content. While Kodi is not officially supported on Roku, there are alternative methods to get it up and running. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully install Kodi on your Roku and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. Just remember to use Kodi responsibly and always ensure that you are accessing content legally and safely.