turn on subtitles on amazon prime

How to get subtitles or captions on Amazon Prime?

In this era of subscription=based entertainment services, there is hardly anybody who still relies on cinemas or Television for the release of the latest series. Nowadays, we have become so much accustomed to streaming shows through such services, that we always want to get our hands on the latest video content, be it in any language. But, when you are completely unaware of what the characters are saying in your favorite movie, the entertainment level starts falling down. However, this doesn’t end here because we always have the option to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime.

Don’t know how to do that? We’ll teach you how.

Turning on subtitles from the Amazon app

  1. Start by playing the video you want to watch
  2. Now, tap on the “Menu” icon
  3. Go to the “Subtitles” option
  4. Hit the “On” option
  5. This setting will apply to the current video you are streaming
  6. To turn off the subtitles, repeat the same steps
  7. Instead of choosing “On”, choose “Off”

Manage Amazon prime subtitles on Samsung, Roku, Apple, and LG TV and other devices

If you are streaming Amazon Prime videos on one of the devices mentioned above, then you can manage your video subtitles like this:

Step 1- Turn on the subtitles

  1. Open Amazon Prime on your TV
  2. Log in with your Amazon prime sign in username and password
  3. Start the show that you wish to stream
  4. You will see a bubble-like at the top-right corner, just click on it
  5. From the given languages, you can choose one

Step 2- Change sub-titles settings

  1. Open the Prime video you want to watch
  2. Click on the bubble-like icon at the top
  3. Click on “Subtitles settings”
  4. Now, change the size and color of the text appearing on your screen
  5. That’s all done for how to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime and manage them

Why are Amazon prime subtitles out of sync?

If you are experiencing that the Amazon prime subtitles are completely going out of sync and you are annoyed with this problem, then you can fix this problem like this:

  • Turn off and on the subtitles one more time
  • Exit the video and start to play it once again
  • Switch from the Prime Video app to Amazonprime.com for streaming shows
  • Or refresh the Prime Video page by pressing the Ctrl + R keys together
  • Restarting the device completely would also be a great idea

Why are subtitles not working on Amazon Prime?

Due to some known or unknown factors, the subtitles on Amazon Prime video may not work. Please note, the subtitles would not work on all the videos that are available on the Prime Video platform. The subtitles would work only if you see the “CC” icon in the video preview. If this sign is not available on a particular video, then the subtitles would not work. If you see that sign but the subtitles won’t work even after that, then you can try one of the remedies given right above.

Summing up:

For getting more information about the subtitles on Amazon Prime video, go to the “Amazon.com/cc subtitles” page from your browser. That’s all about today’s topic which consisted of details on the procedure to turn on subtitles on Amazon Prime.


  1. How to turn off subtitles on Amazon Prime on TV?

While you are streaming any show on Amazon Prime and you do not want to see the subtitles on the bottom of the screen, then you can turn them off by tapping on the “Subtitles” menu and pressing the “Off” option.

  1. Can you get subtitles on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can get to see the subtitles on most of the videos present on Amazon Prime. The videos on which you get to see this option are the ones with the “CC” icon or sign present on them. Mostly, the subtitles are present in English and other languages as well.

  1. How do you change subtitles on Amazon Prime TV?

To turn on or off the subtitles on any of the supported Prime Video shows, you just have to click on the “Menu” icon and then choose the “Subtitles” option. From there, click on the “On” or “Off” option according to your need.

  1. Why are my Amazon Prime subtitles in German?

The subtitles language is selected by the user when he turns on the subtitles from the menu. If you are seeing German-language subtitles on your video, then you can go to the subtitles menu and click on the preferred language from the menu.

  1. How do I get rid of German Subtitles on Amazon Prime?

To get rid of the German subtitles on the current videos you are streaming from Amazon Prime, you have to navigate to the “Subtitles” menu and either turn off the subtitles or select your preferred language.

  1. How do I change the language of subtitles on Amazon Prime?

To change the subtitles language on Amazon prime videos that you stream, you have to click on the “Menu” icon and choose the “Subtitles” option. Post that, click on the “On” option and you will see the language list on your screen from which you need to select any of the languages of your choice.

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