How to Add Hidden Roku Channels?

Roku is one of the best platforms that allow you to transform your traditional TV into a smart television. You can access these devices in any of the various models that vary in specifications and features. It also allows you to add channels to watch the content as per your need. There is limited selection of paid and free channels that you are provided from the Roku Channel Store. But you can add more content if you want. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some popular Roku hidden channels and quick methods by which you can add them.

Add Hidden Roku Channels

Some Best Roku Hidden Channels in 2021

Given below are some Roku private channels and codes that are usually unavailable in certain regions or countries due to geographical restrictions. You can access any of them from anywhere, you just have to use a VPN on your Roku device. So, add these channels and enjoy your favorite shows:

  1. The Space Opera Channel: Access Code: (soctv)

If you are sci-fi series and indie fan film lover, then you must add Space Opera Channel on your device. This channel offers you access to both on-demand and live content across many genres. You can watch iconic shows like Space Angel, Flash Gordon, and Captain Z-Ro.

  1. Nowhere TV: Access Code: (NMJS5)

It is one of the oldest hidden channels on Roku that allows you to access a broad array of content from various networks. You can access shows like PBC, ABC, NBC, BBC, and HBO from this channel. There is some sports content like NFL, MLB, and more that you can access from Nowhere TV channel.

  1. iTunes Podcasts: Access Code: (ITPC)

This channel enables you to listen to free iTunes podcasts. If you are adding this channel, then you don’t have to install iTunes on your device as this channel doesn’t require an iTunes account to run. This channel plays podcasts directly from iTunes’ library of podcasts.

  1. EuroRoku: Access Code: (296XJKP)

This hidden Roku channel allows users to access live streaming of well-known European TV stations. There are about 300 channels in EuroRoku, which includes networks from France, Holland, Spain, Bulgaria, and many more.

  1. AOL On Access Code: (aol)

After adding this AOL On channel, you get access to content from TV networks like HGTV, Food Network, BBC News, ET Online, and DIY Channel. You can add this channel from the Roku Channel Store, but only as a hidden channel.

This list of Roku Adult Channel codes allows you to know which hidden channel will be best as per your requirements.

Quick Steps to Add Hidden Roku Channels

You need to follow certain steps in order to access the hidden channels on all Roku devices, whether it is Roku Express, Roku Ultra, or Roku Streaming Stick Plus. All you have to do is:

  • Visit on your mobile phone or other devices on which you want to add channels.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to your Roku account.
  • Navigate to the Manage account section, and then click the option indicating, “Add channel with a code”.
  • Enter the access of your desired channel and tap the Add Channel button.
  • A popup window will appear on the screen. Click OK button to proceed.
  • At last, select “Yes, Add Channel” and that’s it!

You must note that the channel that you have just added will not appear immediately in your Roku channels list. To check it right away, go through the following path on your Roku device: Settings > System > System Update > Check Now.

Are you facing any issues while adding Hidden Roku channels or want to know more about the channels to be added to this list? Feel free to contact us, our professional experts will help you in all possible ways.

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