Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Roku Tv

Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Roku Tv | Causes & Troubleshooting

Though it is very easy and simple to stream videos of Amazon Prime on Roku TV, sometimes you may face problems while doing so. Streaming Amazon Prime Video on Roku Tv is a perfect example of virtual borderless in terms of the viewing experience. However, you can also fix any issue while using Amazon Prime on Roku. Most of the time, the problem is because of app crashing which makes your media streaming devices unable to work properly.

Roku is one of the biggest media streaming devices and considered best for watching Amazon prime videos. Whenever you encounter a situation like Amazon prime not working Roku, you need to find the exact cause of the problem and proper troubleshooting method to fix this. Here, in this article, we have mentioned in detail how you can fix amazon prime video not working on Roku TV.

Why Prime App is not working on Roku TV?

There are several reasons because of which you may not stream videos from your Amazon prime account on your Roku TV. Some of the main reasons why you are getting such issues are:

  • You might have an inactive Amazon Prime account
  • The Amazon Prime app installed on your device might not be updated.
  • Unstable or weak internet connection

How to fix Amazon Prime Video App on Roku TV?

Once you know the exact reason for issues like Amazon prime video not working on Roku TV, you need to apply some troubleshooting methods to fix it. There are several methods that you can try to fix the problem. Some of them are given below:

Method 1: Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon prime on Roku

Before applying any other technical troubleshooting method to fix the problem, you should try to uninstall and then reinstall the app on your Roku TV. You can do so by applying the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, turn on your Roku device and locate and press the home button on the remote.
  • Check out the navigation keys and use the right and find the prime video channel on your right, then click on it.
  • This will display the options screen. Find and click on the start button on your Roku remote to check all the options.
  • Scroll and tap the remove channel bar. Further, you will be asked to confirm your action in the consecutive window. Do confirm.

The above steps will uninstall the app from your device. Then you can follow the below-given steps to install it again.

  • Use your Roku remote and go back home by pressing the home button.
  • Now scroll down till you find channels, then click on it.
  • To search for a channel, you need to enter Amazon prime in the search bar.
  • The required channel will come up on your screen that you can easily add. Now you have to install Amazon prime.
  • After proper installation, launch Amazon prime and stream your favorite video.

Method 2: Check Status of Your Amazon Video account

It is very important to know whether your Amazon Video account is active or not. Issues like Amazon Prime Video not working usually occur when you are using an inactive account. You must have an active subscription to access all its features. Follow the steps given below to check whether your account is active or not:

  • Go to ‘Your Account’ section on your Amazon account. If you are using your account for the first time, click on the ‘Free trial’ option.
  • Click on ‘Account details’ option for subsequent subscription.
  • In case of an inactive account, pay a monthly or yearly premium to activate it.

Method 3: Reboot Roku

Sometimes, the Amazon Prime video app does not work properly because of improper configurations of Roku TV. If the Amazon prime isn’t working, then you should immediately reboot Roku. After rebooting your device, wait for a while to see the boot animation on your screen. After the rebooting process, make sure the app does not crash again.

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